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Welcome to AERIALSURVEY.com, the portal for ClearSkies Geomatics and BlueBird Geo. We bring a combined total of over 90 years of expertise to help our clients buy and sell aerial survey equipment.

The AERIALSURVEY.COM portal supports clients in North and South America through ClearSkies Geomatics. Our clients in EMEA are primarily supported through our new company, Bluebird Geo, headquartered in Ireland.

We offer high-quality equipment, and we understand that equipment as well. This means that we know how to ensure the equipment is in good condition and priced right to give you an overall great buying or leasing experience. We import and export Remote Sensing technologies such as photogrammetric hardware/software solutions as well as LIDAR solutions.

We have built our reputation by providing clients and manufacturers with ethical representation allowing for a better customer experience in purchasing these sophisticated systems. If you have high-quality aerial survey equipment to sell or lease, or you are looking to acquire any aerial survey equipment, we look forward to helping you.

Call us at (303) 819-2572 or email to aerialsurvey@aerialsurvey.com to learn more.

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Pat McConnell – President, ClearSkies Geomatics

For over 30 years, Patrick has built his career as a leader in geomatics and remote sensing, and has been personally involved in several company sales, mergers, and acquisitions. As a Vice President of Sales at Atlantis Scientific, Patrick managed software sales and established relationships with high-level government officials at the European Space Agency (ESA), the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the Japanese National Space Agency (NASDA).

Patrick became the President and Owner of Atlantis in 1996, restructuring the organization and re-focused the company’s direction to become a radar remote sensing software company. Over his five years, Patrick managed significant growth in revenue and negotiated the sale/merger and acquisition of Atlantis to Vexcel Corporation of Boulder Colorado. Pat was retained as President after the successful divestiture of the company to Vexcel Corporation. 

In 2006, Vexcel Imaging was acquired by Microsoft Corporation, and Patrick relocated to Boulder, Colorado. Patrick brought his sales relationships and talent to manage Microsoft’s UltraCam sales in Canada, the US and Japan.

Patrick founded Intrepid Geomatics Inc. in 2011 and then rebranded to ClearSkies Geomatics Inc. in 2013 to broker new and used aerial survey equipment with a focus on the America’s. Patrick’s success is evidence of his strong relationships throughout the remote sensing industry with manufacturers and aerial survey businesses. His recent acquisition of the AERIALSURVEY.com brand and the establishment of a new business and office in Ireland (BlueBird Geo Ltd.) expands his brokerage presence throughout the EU, Asia and Africa.


Lyndon Yorke – President, Trackair LTD

Lyndon has been involved with flying and all operational aspects of aerial survey going back to analogue days through to the new generations of digital equipment.

Originally flight  trained with Hunting surveys, then various other companies later offering subcontract services, culminating flying and project managing surveys in over 120 countries and gaining over 18,000 plus flight hours carrying out air photo, airborne geophysics, and testing many new types of sensors. 

During Lyndon’s global travels he was shot at 3 times, jailed (accused of spying!) 3 times, sat through coup d’état, civil wars, and other dodgy situations.

Lyndon’s expertise covers all types of aeroplanes, STC modifications flight operations and consulting on all aspects of aerial survey and airborne surveillance.

As a consultant Lyndon was commissioned to set up several major aerial data collection projects for various major organizations which, at one time, involved 27 aeroplanes collecting data in 28 countries.

Lydon established AERIALSURVEY.com during the mid-90s, offering a unique platform covering every aspect of aerial survey requirements, especially facilitating pre-owned equipment to clients worldwide. His journey continues with exciting new developments with ClearSkies Geomatics.  

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Lisa McConnell – Vice President of Strategy, ClearSkies Geomatics

Transitioning from the corporate learning world, Lisa is excited to bring her expertise in sales and marketing to ClearSkies Geomatics and AERIALSURVEY.com. Her career has led her through positions of increasing leadership in medium and large global organizations such as Merck, the Center for Leadership Studies, and SweetRush. Lisa has implemented enterprise-wide learning strategies and been responsible for several millions of dollars of revenue with key accounts in her roles as Account Manager and Solution Architect. An interesting blending of her professional worlds comes as she leverages her experience in selling virtual and augmented reality solutions to the remote sensing industry. Lisa’s focus at ClearSkies Geomatics and AERIALSURVEY.com is on marketing and building the brand and overseeing company operations in the US and Ireland.